Lessons from the Past: A Black Child’s Perspective

One thing I’ve come to realize as I’ve been teaching students of color is that they have a much different experience with learning about their past than their white counterparts.  They ask questions that are very hard to answer like, “Why do some white people hate us?”  Or, “Is racism over?” 

Life Lessons from Randy Pausch

Have you ever had those days when you just wonder what’s the point of life at all?  That’s something that’s been heavy on my mind for the last two weeks or so.  Despite constantly being busy and putting in effort to make an impact, there are still days where I wonder, why am I here?

A Special Thank You

Earlier in the year we started a fundraiser to get recess supplies for over 100 children affected by Hurricane Irma.

Black Panther Video Recap

Previously I wrote about a wonderful opportunity I had to work alongside Dibia Dream and Commissioner Pigatt.  Together they worked to bring 650+ children to see private screenings of the movie “Black Panther”.  Students were also able to meet and greet actress Sope Aluko (who played the Shaman in “Black Panther”) and NBA player Okaro…